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Mixing well with others

Shimmerwood wouldn’t be what it is… or where it is without our partners. Each one plays a key role in our process to bring together the flavors of New England.

CBW: our CBD partner

When it came to choosing a CBD partner, local and ethical were the top priorities for us. Cannabased Wellness in Fryeburg Maine was the natural choice because they’re all about Maine-grown, Full-Spectrum CBD extracted through a low-impact clean CO2 process.

The Elective: our shrub partner

Based in downtown Kennebunkport Maine, The Elective is a gathering place for lovers of local food and learning. A space for shopping, dining, culinary demos and drinks, they’re as devoted to unique tastes and unforgettable gatherings as we are. Their hand-mascerated shrubs form the foundation of our signature flavors.

Vena’s Fizz House: our bitters partner

Vena’s Fizz House is Portland, Maine’s hub for cocktails, mocktails, old fashioned sodas and all of the time-honored mixology that goes along with them. An obsessive focus on craft and taking the time and care to do it right is something we share. Every masterfully mixed drop of their bitters brings the intrigue to Shimmerwood’s taste profiles.

The Modern Herbalist: our herbal partner

The Modern Herbalist is a farm to bottle, small batch, woman-owned Maine company. Brooke Thompson is a seasoned, clinical herbalist who is plant obsessed and committed to formulating biodynamic and clean herbal products. Her years of growing and studying plants, combined with a deep love of herbal, spice & fruit flavor profiles create truly unique shrubs. 

Our values

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When people meet and mix, the energy is unstoppable.


Ideas aren’t meant to limit themselves.


Respecting and staying true to the source.

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