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Full-Spectrum CBD ✨ No THC ✨ No added sugar ✨ No alcohol ✨ Locally-sourced ✨ 100% vegan ✨ Gluten-free ✨ Non GMO ✨

Full-Spectrum CBD ✨ No THC ✨ No added sugar ✨ No alcohol ✨ Locally-sourced ✨ 100% vegan ✨ Gluten-free ✨ Non GMO ✨

Full-Spectrum CBD ✨ No THC ✨ No added sugar ✨ No alcohol ✨ Locally-sourced ✨ 100% vegan ✨ Gluten-free ✨ Non GMO ✨

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Shimmer your way

Build a box of your favorites. Start with some Just Hemp, throw in a few Razz Lime, dial it up with Ginger Orange. The mix is up to you.

What Makes Us Shimmer

The Full-Spectrum Difference

Others seltzers use an isolate CBD, throwing away all those other cannabinoids. We keep the full spectrum for a deeper experience.

The Magic of the Mix

Crafted with shrubs and bitters you'd find in cocktail mixology. Built like a mocktail, not a canned beverage.

The Realness

No added sugar. No artificial flavors or colors. No caffeine or GMOs. The taste is complex, but we keep it simple.

Ingredients That Shimmer

We work closely with neighboring Maine-based small businesses, farmers, and mixologists to create a local, handcrafted experience with quality you can taste.

Real Fruit Shrubs

Whole fruit, cane sugar, and vinegar. Never any artificial flavors.

Cocktail Bitters

An aromatic blend of fruit, spices, and herbs crafted locally in Maine.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Nothing refined, nothing left behind. Pure, not processed.

The Shimmerwood Blog

The Shimmer Life

Rosey Lychee

This isn’t your average ordinary lychee mocktail…this is an ADVANCED lychee mocktail 🌹🍓✨ Take this sweet bevvy to another level by adding in strawberry, rose and of course Razz Lime...

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Spiced CinnaMule Mocktail

Upgrade your standard Moscow Mule while making it a mocktail! The addition of cinnamon syrup in this mule gives a warmer, slightly spicier tone, while still getting the zip from...

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Shimmer Paloma

A Shimmerwood Paloma offers a refreshing, tangy taste that's both sweet and slightly bitter, making it a favored choice for warm, summer weather. The ruby red grapefruit juice gives this drink...

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See What Our Fans Have to Say

Welcome to Shimmerwood Beverages!

We're thrilled that you've chosen to explore our CBD beverage offerings among the numerous CBD drink companies available in the market. We understand the significance of selecting the best CBD infused drinks provider to cater to your individual preferences and requirements.

So, what factors do you consider when looking for hemp infused beverages or drinks with CBD? From incredible flavors to simply quenching your thirst, our Shimmer Seltzer covers all bases! Furthermore, our 5 mg CBD seltzer uses full-spectrum hemp, ensuring that each can delivers a complete range of CBD seltzer effects and health benefits, all without the psychoactive sensations associated with THC!

In the CBD beverage market, Shimmerwood Beverages and our Full-Spectrum CBD Shimmer Seltzer reigns supreme, with recognition from major outlets such as Forbes Health and a growing fanbase that loves feeling the Shimmer!

Find CBD Infused Drinks Near Me

Our CBD seltzer water is available in four unique flavors.

• For a twist on a New England classic, give our Razz Lime Shimmer Seltzer a try.
• If you're in the mood for a natural orange flavor combined with the classic zing of ginger seltzer water, unwind and rejuvenate with our Ginger Orange Shimmer Seltzer.
• Want a warm and woodsy flavor that is our most unique and eclectic beverage yet? Try our latest introduction to the lineup: Chai Cherry Shimmer Seltzer.
• If you simply desire CBD benefits and invigorating hydration, sample our Just Hemp Shimmer Seltzer.

We currently offer CBD beverages for sale at many stores around New England and New York, and we offer nationwide CBD seltzer delivery when you order our CBD drinks online. We're continuously expanding our clientele, and we hope you'll join us on our journey to refresh and relax by trying our hemp-infused drinks today!

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