• CBD Dose: The Different Types and Doses of CBD and Why It Matters

    CBD dose: Do you want to know about the different types and doses of CBD and why it matters? Read on to learn more about it.
  • A Guide to CBD Mocktails

    Do you like drinking CBD mocktails? Read our guide to CBD mocktails along with 10 different recipes you can make at home to learn more about them.
  • THC vs CBD Infused Drinks: What's the Difference?

    When comparing THC vs CBD infused drinks, what's the difference? Our experts explain exactly what each beverage is and how each will affect you here.
  • The Rhode Races are on!

    Our spring events are off to an amazing start with our first sponsored Rhode Race of the season and sampling at Mohegan Sun for their Whiskey Union event! These are the first of many larger events we have planned for the season, so stay tuned for everywhere you can find us!
  • Shimmerwood Partners and Donates to Dignity Nonprofit

    Dignity is a program of Agape Inc., a small nonprofit nestled in the heart of Portland. Dignity is an organization of teachers, healers, storytell...
  • Introducing Chai Cherry, 6 Pack Samplers and New Shipping Locations

    We recently announced a number of growth initiatives, including a new sparkling CBD seltzer flavor, online sales expansion and a new six pack samp...
  • Shimmering into Fall

    We made so many new friends this past weekend attending the Norwalk Oyster Festival in Connecticut and sponsoring SeaWeed Co. Wellness Workshop series with East Pine. More events are coming up, so stay tuned and find us to #FeelTheShimmer
  • Shimmering Through Summer

    It has been an exciting summer for Team Shimmer! It has been wonderful meeting so many of you at all the Maine farmer's markets and we greatly appreciate all your positive feedback on Shimmer Seltzer. We've reached a milestone in terms of followers on Instagram, expanded our distribution throughout Maine, added some mocktail and cocktail recipes and have more events coming in the future!
  • Partnership with Fogtown Brewing Co.

    Shimmerwood Beverages has partnered with Fogtown Brewing Company in Ellsworth, ME to produce Shimmer Seltzer. All flavors will be available at Fogtown's Ellsworth and Bar Harbor location, along with distribution being added throughout the state.
  • The coming generational shift in the beverage market

    There is a shift in the types of beverages consumers are seeking. Instead of grabbing high proof alcohol and heavy hoppy beers, the next generation are opting for hard seltzers and unique ready to drink cocktails. A focus on healthier nolo alcohol options are growing across industries.
  • Maine Decriminalizing Drugs and U.S. Senate Introduces Cannabis Bill

    Maine has approved a Bill to decriminalize all drugs and the U.S. Senate introduced a Marijuana bill to remove cannabis as a controlled substance.