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A Guide to CBD Mocktails

Say goodbye to hangovers and, hello, to good vibes with CBD mocktails!

By taking the alcohol out of your beverage, you'll be able to enjoy all of the festivities a cocktail offers without any negative side effects. When you add in the CBD, things only get better.

Are you ready to explore a world of flavor? Our complete CBD mocktail guide includes 10 of our favorite recipes. We have tastes ranging from tropical and bold, all the way to sweet and savory.

What fun CBD mocktail recipes should you try making? Read on to find out!

1. Shimmer Float

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you have to try making a Shimmer Float CBD mocktail.

Shimmer Float is the perfect blend of tart and creamy to delight all of your flavor needs. Think cream soda float, but with a splash of cherry.

Shimmer Float


Here are the ingredients you need:

First, you'll want to grab an old-fashioned ice cream parlor glass. Add 1 generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, or 2 if you're feeling decadent!

Fill the glass with Chai Cherry Shimmer Seltzer. Be careful that the glass doesn't fizz over. Add a compostable milkshake straw, and take a sip!

For a fun twist on this cbd mocktail recipe, substitute vanilla ice cream with chocolate, coffee, or peanut butter swirl. Don't be afraid to experiment by mixing the ice creams together. Half a scoop of chocolate and half a scoop of vanilla pair perfectly with the cherry seltzer flavors.

2. The Love Flower

Why not make a CBD mocktail for the special someone in your life? The Love Flower is the perfect drink when you're looking to show how much you care.

This CBD mocktail has a deep and savory flavor with tart, floral notes. The hibiscus flower has a soothing appeal, and they do wonders for your well-being.


The Love Flower


Here are the ingredients you'll need:

Combine the cinnamon stick and a tablespoon of whole cloves in a pan of water. Boil for 10 minutes, and then turn off the heat.

Take your hibiscus flowers and put them into the pan. Cover with a lid and steep for another 10 minutes.

Carefully drain the mixture and let it cool in a pitcher. Place the pitcher in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours for maximum chill.

Once cold, mix with equal parts of Chai Cherry Shimmer Seltzer. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and hibiscus flowers.

You'll have a pretty-looking CBD mocktail that tastes delicious. If you've never tried hibiscus flowers, you'll be surprised at how flavorful they can be. Plus, the cinnamon is the perfect touch for creating the heartwarming feel you want.

3. Watermelon Cooler

Embrace the summer with Watermelon Cooler CBD mocktails. This mocktail is fast and easy to make, which makes it perfect for parties. Since it's such a crowd-pleaser, be prepared to make a few of these drinks.

Watermelon Cooler

Here are all the ingredients you'll need:

Grab a highball glass like the ones you would use to make a Long Island iced tea or mojito. Place the watermelon, mint, sugar, and salt at the bottom of the glass. Using a muddler, muddle it all together.

Fill the glass to the top with Just Hemp Shimmer Seltzer. Stir everything up with a long spoon to ensure the ingredients are mixed together.

Now you're ready to serve this delicious Watermelon Cooler CBD mocktail! If you don't have a muddler, no worries. A clean wooden spoon will work as a substitute.

4. Shimmer Palmer

Have you ever had an Arnold Palmer? The refreshing combination of iced tea mixed together with lemonade makes the perfect midday drink. Now you can enjoy a CBD mocktail version when you make the Shimmer Palmer.

Shimmer Palmer

Here are the ingredients you'll need:

Muddle the lemon and sugar at the bottom of a tall glass. Add one part of iced tea for every part of Just Hemp Shimmer seltzer.

Slowly and gently stir all of the ingredients together to combine. Now you're ready to serve a refreshing drink that's sure to draw a smile.

5. Snazzy Razz Lime Smash

Are you feeling snazzy? Then it's time to try making a Snazzy Razz Lime Smash CBD mocktail. Combining mint, raspberries, and a hint of citrus, this drink will make you feel great.

Snazzy Razz Lime Smash

Here are the ingredients you'll need:

Gather the herbs of your choice. Whether you prefer fresh mint or the welcoming flavor of basil, it's completely up to you.

Once you have your herbs, combine them with a few fresh raspberries. Muddle the herbs and fresh raspberries together until well combined.

Pour over a glass of ice and stir in the Razz Lime Shimmer Seltzer. Cut your mocktail with freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice to taste. You can blend the juices together, too, if you want a unique tartness.

6. Razz Limeade Refresher

If you love all things tart and sour, then the Razz Limeade Refresher Mocktail is a must-try. If you're willing to make homemade limeade, you'll be able to enjoy this drink even more!

Razz Limeade Refreshe 

Here are the ingredients you'll need:

Muddle raspberries and cucumbers. Drop the mixture into the bottom of a frosty glass. The frostier, the better.

Fill the glass with crushed ice and 1/3 limeade. Remember, homemade limeade is best!

Top the glass with Razz Lime Shimmer Seltzer, then slowly stir. Serve this drink with a sprig of rosemary and a lime rind.

Homemade Limeade Tips

When making homemade limeade, it's all about getting the perfect tart-to-sweet ratio. If you like things tarter than sweet, go heavy on the lime juice. 

If you prefer a sweeter limeade, you can also add a pinch of salt. The salt will reduce the acidity and make your drink more vibrant.

The same principle works for lemonade too!

7. Shimmer Shirley

Shirley Temple, step aside; the Shimmer Shirley CBD mocktail is here to steal the show. This fun CBD mocktail works great any time of day. It's also easy to make, taking less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

Shimmer Shirley

Here are the ingredients you need:

Grab a tall glass and pour 1 can of Ginger Orange Shimmer Seltzer into it. Add 1 tablespoon of grenadine, and garnish the mocktail with a maraschino cherry. Make sure you get enough ingredients to make more than one because you're sure to love this drink.

8. Tropic Canna

Infuse your day with a dose of tropical! The Tropic Canna CBD mocktail is a fun way to treat yourself. You'll enjoy bold flavors, such as mouth-watering pineapple and tart pomegranate juice. 

Tropic Canna

Here are the ingredients you'll need:

Put the pineapple juice and ice into the blender. Keep adding ice until the blender is ⅓ full.

Add one cup of pomegranate juice and top with Ginger Orange Shimmer Seltzer. Start blending and add additional ice until you reach a frosty consistency.

Rim the margarita glass with tajin. Tajin helps bring the drink to life with its mild dried red chile peppers, lime juice, and sea salt seasoning. After filling the glass, top it off with pineapple chunks or cherries.

9. Coco Hemp Haze

Coconut lovers go crazy for the Coco Hemp Haze CBD mocktail. Not only does it taste great, but it's also great for you.

Coconut water has a lot of health benefits. It's low in calories, promotes healthier skin, and more!

Coco Hemp Haze


Here are all the ingredients you need:

This mocktail couldn't be easier to make. Simply add equal parts Just Hemp Shimmer Seltzer and coconut water, and stir it up, little darling! You deserve it.

Garnish with basil, mint, and a lime wedge for an “island breeze” of flavor.

10. Herba Mate

Do you love making tea? Then you'll have fun with the Herba Mate.

Using freshly brewed yerba mate, this drink delivers a powerful experience. You can use the Herba Mate to power through a tough day, gain enlightenment, or just for the flavor.

Herba Mate

Here are the ingredients you'll need:

Freshly brew yerba mate and strain it into a glass to chill. Take out a second glass that you'll use to drink out of.

Once the tea is at least room temperature, add equal parts yerba mate and Just Hemp Shimmer Seltzer in the drinking glass. Add ice and garnish the drink with mint.

As you sip, you can feel good knowing you're drinking your way to better health. Yerba mate has all sorts of health benefits, like improving your cardiovascular system. It's also known to be a mood enhancer, making it the perfect stress-relieving drink.

Delight Your Senses With CBD Mocktails

What CBD mocktails are you going to make first? If you can't decide, try making a few!

Shimmerwood Beverage is here to help with incredible CBD-infused drinks. We use the most natural ingredients combined with full-spectrum hemp to create great-tasting beverages.

Thanks to the 5 mg of full-spectrum CBD in every can, every sip brings you one step closer to its relaxation. Look at our Shimmer Seltzer Sampler, to discover every flavor.

If you come up with your own Shimmer-infused mocktail or cocktail, make sure to tag us on Instagram @shimmerbevs and use #feeltheshimmer to have your recipe featured on our page!

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