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Stock the #1 rated CBD beverage two years running

Why did Forbes Health name Shimmer Seltzer the Best CBD Drink of 2023 & 2024 with a perfect, exclusive, 5-star rating? By valuing quality above all. Quality ingredients, partners, suppliers, and distributors. Consumers know the difference, stock the best CBD beverage in the game.


The Magic of the Mix

Premium ingredients of world class drinks for a superior mocktail in-a-can experience

The Full-Spectrum Difference

Using Full-Spectrum CBD at 5 mg per can makes us the first choice for a wide demographic

Tried & Tested Formula

Shimmerwood meets all industry regulations in every state, every year

Are you a distributor?

Add Shimmerwood to your portfolio and join our growth with the most hands-on team in the industry.

  • Custom volume based discounting
  • Innovative go-to-market strategies with an educational foundation
  • Relationship based partnerships and ride-alongs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to distribute Shimmerwood?

Each state handles the sale and distribution of CBD beverages differently. In many states, Shimmer Seltzer is categorized as a nonalcoholic beverage, other states may require a distributor license. We recommend reaching out to our sales team to learn more.

Is there an age restriction for consuming Shimmerwood?

Age requirements to purchase CBD products vary by state, city and town. Even within a state, your town or city ordinances may limit CBD sales by age. Shimmerwood markets Shimmer Seltzer to adults 18 and older.

Are there volume discounts?

On top of our standard wholesale pricing, we do offer certain discounts based on how much and how often you order from us.

What’s the difference between Full-Spectrum CBD and isolate CBD?

Think of it as the difference between whole food and processed food. 

Pure hemp oil is full of cannabinoids, terpenes and taste molecules—all of which contribute something unique to the experience. Hemp isolate is CBD only, with none of the other natural goodness.

Full-Spectrum CBD leaves nature’s complex mix intact. That’s what we use at Shimmerwood, so you can refresh and relax completely.

Why 5 mg of CBD?

We want Shimmer Seltzer to be a beverage anyone can enjoy, whether it’s your first foray into CBD or you’re a cannabis connoisseur. By using Full-Spectrum CBD, a little can go a long way through the power of the Entourage Effect.  This means each can contains CBD along with other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG and others. Your body has an endocannabinoid system that processes these cannabinoids, so by using Full-Spectrum, each mg does more. We provide you with the full cannabinoid makeup of what goes into every can of Shimmer through 3rd party certificates of analysis since it can vary slightly between batches.

The Shimmer Life

Rosey Lychee

This isn’t your average ordinary lychee mocktail…this is an ADVANCED lychee mocktail 🌹🍓✨ Take this sweet bevvy to another level by adding in strawberry, rose and of course Razz Lime...

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Spiced CinnaMule Mocktail

Upgrade your standard Moscow Mule while making it a mocktail! The addition of cinnamon syrup in this mule gives a warmer, slightly spicier tone, while still getting the zip from...

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Shimmer Paloma

A Shimmerwood Paloma offers a refreshing, tangy taste that's both sweet and slightly bitter, making it a favored choice for warm, summer weather. The ruby red grapefruit juice gives this drink...

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