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Shimmerwood Featured in Market Watch for Leading Charge in CBD-Infused Seltzers

Having been featured in a recent Market Watch magazine article, Shimmerwood Beverages continues to pave the way in the growing CBD-infused drinks industry. The write-up highlighted how Shimmerwood, among other pioneering brands, are finding innovative ways to introduce CBD to a wider market.

The article explores the rapidly evolving landscape of cannabis-enhanced drinks, noting the steady nationwide growth spurred by beverage producers introducing fresh and exciting products containing cannabis compounds. Amidst the surge of new CBD- and hemp-enhanced sparkling water entrants, Shimmerwood Beverages has distinctly positioned itself as a leader in the marketplace contributing to the increased demand for CBD drinks.

Shimmerwood's Co-Founder, Chuck Mascari, states in the Market Watch piece that the demand for CBD drinks correlates directly with a decreased demand for alcohol among consumers. He highlights the brand's line, which includes Ginger Orange, Razz Lime, Chai Cherry, and Just Hemp seltzers ($40 an 8-pack of 12-ounce cans). These flavors have been a hit among consumers and have led to a sales trend that’s up by 50% this year, setting the pace for industry growth. Shimmerwood's success doesn't stop there, as they are looking at opportunities to bring their uniquely flavored seltzers to the West Coast.

Co-Founder & VP of Marketing, Josh Ahadian, adds to this momentum saying, "Shimmerwood aims to make CBD social. By providing a low dose of 5mg full-spectrum CBD in each can, it makes the seltzer more approachable to a wider audience. Whether bartenders want to make mocktails or cocktails with Shimmer Seltzer, our ingredients make them versatile enough to be the perfect addition behind the bar."

The article further describes how offering CBD drinks as alternatives to traditional cocktails has increased their appeal and acceptance. With experts predicting significant growth in the CBD drinks market in the coming years, Shimmerwood Beverages is well-positioned to lead this exciting trend.

In conclusion, Shimmerwood Beverages is not just making waves in the CBD drink industry; it's charting a course for others to follow. As consumers continue to embrace CBD-infused beverages, Shimmerwood remains on track to satisfy the growing demand and redefine what social drinking can be. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from this trailblazing brand!

Read the article here.


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