Hemp Batches (Certificates of Analyses)

Every batch of hemp that goes into Shimmer Seltzer is unique, thanks to our utilization of a full spectrum hemp extract. Think of a full spectrum extract as enjoying a cup of coffee, you get the benefits of caffeine along with all the other naturally present flavors. Whereas an isolate extract would be like taking a caffeine pill, you get your caffeine but miss out on all the other properties and flavors from the coffee beans.

Each batch of hemp comes with its own makeup of cannabinoids, the major one being CBD. You'll see every batch has a majority of CBD but other cannabinoids are naturally present to help enhance the CBD effects.

While the cannabinoids may differ slightly from batch to batch, we aim to keep the flavor of our seltzers consistent.


SWD210414WS-P - Best By: 05/17/2022

GFM21120HC - Best By: 01/11/2022

INM20120SWS - Best By: 01/11/2022

Batch 001 - Best By: 11/05/2021