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Shimmerwood in BevNET Magazine | Full-Spectrum CBD Seltzer

Shimmerwood Beverages Glows in BevNET Magazine’s Latest Expose on Hemp Drinks

The Shimmerwood team is absolutely thrilled to share with you that once again, Shimmerwood Beverages has taken the spotlight, this time in the prestigious pages of BevNET Magazine’s March/April issue. In a detailed exploration of the hemp beverage market and an insightful overview of the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding cannabis-infused products, Shimmerwood has emerged as a leader, setting standards in the industry.

Best CBD Beverage – Two Years in a Row!

It’s official! Forbes Health has rated Shimmerwood Beverages as the Best CBD Beverage for the second consecutive year. This recognition is not just about being at the top but also about consistency and our commitment to quality. Shimmerwood’s dedication to crafting a superior product has not gone unnoticed, with Forbes Health highlighting our seltzers last year and this year as the only 5-star rated CBD beverage among more than 30 brands nationwide.

A Leader in Lower Potency Options

What sets us apart? Our focus on lower potency CBD drinks has been recognized as the best in the market. This distinction underlines our commitment to providing wellness products that are accessible and effective, catering to consumers who prefer a gentler introduction to CBD benefits. Our carefully crafted formula ensures that every sip delivers purity, safety, and just the right touch of wellness.

Expanding Our Horizons

The exciting news doesn’t stop there! Our distribution channels have broadened thanks to a new partnership with Central Distributors, one of Maine’s foremost beverage distributors. This collaboration means that more of you will find our refreshing seltzers within arm's reach, whether you’re shopping in your local stores or seeking us out in specialty outlets.

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

The BevNET feature delves into the complexities of regulations in the hemp beverage market, contrasting CBD vs. THC drinks. As regulations evolve, Shimmerwood Beverages remains at the forefront, navigating these changes with an unwavering focus on compliance and consumer education. This ensures that while enjoying our drinks, you’re also consuming a product that adheres strictly to legal standards.

Looking Forward

As we continue to gain recognition and expand our distribution, our mission remains clear -- to provide a refreshing, trustworthy CBD-infused beverage that stands out for its quality and effectiveness.

Our appearance in BevNET’s latest issue is not just a testament to what we’ve achieved but also a beacon for where we’re headed. Stay tuned for more updates!

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