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Shimmerwood & Central Distributors | Buy CBD Drinks in Maine


Shimmerwood Beverages Partners with Central Distributors to Expand Maine Market

In June 2021, Shimmerwood Beverages launched its innovative full-spectrum CBD-infused seltzer in Maine. Since then, Shimmerwood has significantly expanded its presence across all 16 counties of the state, thanks to a pivotal partnership with Central Distributors. This collaboration is set to propel the distribution of Shimmer Seltzer, with plans to double sales by 2024.

Central Distributors, a respected family-owned business now in its fourth generation, operates from Lewiston, Bangor and Presque Isle (Aroostook Beverage Co.). They bring a robust network of over 2,000 customers, ranging from large grocery chains to intimate mom-and-pop shops. Specializing in beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages, Central Distributors has now embraced Shimmerwood's CBD seltzer, marking their first foray into the CBD beverage market.

A Partnership Embracing Local CBD Seltzer Sales

With our strategic focus on quality and community engagement, Shimmerwood Beverages continues to lead the way in bringing innovative CBD-infused beverages to consumers while supporting local economies.

  • Tibor Mascari, Vice President of Sales at Shimmerwood Beverages
    emphasized the importance of local engagement: “At Shimmerwood, we are committed to offering our groundbreaking CBD seltzer while fostering connections within local markets. Central Distributors will be instrumental in expanding our reach throughout New England, ensuring small businesses can also partake in this burgeoning industry.”Tibor Mascari
  • Josh Ahadian, Vice President of Marketing at Shimmerwood Beverages:
     “Leveraging Central Distributors' extensive marketing resources and promotional expertise, combined with our high-quality, effective seltzer, sets the stage for substantial growth. This partnership will allow us to reach both large and small businesses effectively.”Josh Ahadian
  • Mike Barriault, President of Central Distributors and Aroostook Beverage Co:
    “We are thrilled to include Shimmer Seltzer in our offerings to over 2,000 independent retailers. Collaborating with passionate brand owners like Shimmerwood aligns perfectly with our business strategy.”Mike Barriault

Stocking CBD Seltzer in Maine Stores

Retailers in Maine interested in stocking Shimmer Seltzer can contact Central Distributors directly for wholesale pricing and territory coverage at 1-800-427-5757. New customers of Central Distributors can also apply here to set up a wholesale account.

Shimmerwood Beverages offers a 5mg full-spectrum CBD seltzer in four appealing flavors: Just Hemp, Razz Lime, Chai Cherry, and Ginger Orange. Each flavor is crafted to meet consumer demand for refreshing and health-conscious options in the CBD drinks market.

Join us in experiencing the refreshing taste and potential wellness benefits of Shimmer Seltzer today.

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