About Us

Our focus is to take the best, most natural ingredients, and to combine them with a full spectrum hemp to bring customers a CBD beverage that tastes great out of the can, or when mixed as a mocktail or cocktail. We source our ingredients and produce Shimmer Seltzer in Maine, making us one of the only New England based CBD seltzer brands. Our product is tested by an independent third-party lab, and we post the results on our website here, so you know exactly what you're drinking. 

Working with local communities, we harness the best of their craft, so we know where each ingredient comes from and how it is processed. It is of utmost importance to us that we work with hemp farmers that treat their plants with the care and love they so rightfully deserve. We use full spectrum hemp because we want to provide the purest form of CBD possible. A full spectrum hemp means just that, you are getting the full number of benefits that CBD can provide without the psychoactive sensation that comes from THC.

The same level of care for the hemp we use is applied to all the ingredients we include in every can. Before we decide to use any ingredients, we want to ensure the folks providing those ingredients are experts in their craft. It’s one thing to use the best ingredients, it’s another when those ingredients come from a relationship built on trust and excitement to bring people a truly unique beverage.

Our Team

Josh Ahadian

Throughout my career to date, my focus has always been on connecting with people and providing a service and product that leaves them happier than before. I have been fortunate enough to receive a strong education at both UMass Amherst and New York University specializing in marketing strategies surrounding campaigns that bring people together.After spending 2 years living in New York, while it was a phenomenal experience, I missed the beauty and relationships I built throughout New England. Whether it’s skiing down the mountains in the winter, or hiking up them in the spring, I love the outdoors. My love for the environment is channeled into how I operate my daily life, by reducing, reusing, and recycling as much I can. Along with enjoying a beer on the mountain, you can find me nerding out to the latest tech advancements, I’m particularly partial to virtual reality, so come find me in the next virtual concert you attend!

Tibor Mascari

I’ve always been interested in the great outdoors, the field, the beach, the vernal pool, everything about it is so amazing. Foraging local herbs and flavors in the field, coming up with new ways to make classic flavors these are my passions. New England offers so many options, what’s not to love?Making a crafted seltzer started in my kitchen. Testing flavors with friends and family to see what they liked. This is all personal to me. I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather be doing. Adding CBD seemed like the natural thing to do. Now I can be the designated driver and still drink a craft beverage.

Charlie Mascari

A native New Englander, I’ve always had an affinity for outdoor activities like biking, hiking, fishing and snowshoeing. These are some of the many reasons I love and live in New England. Almost a decade ago a diagnosis of systemic sclerosis, an autoimmune disorder affecting the skin and internal organs, threatened my enjoyment of these activities as well as my life. After months of chemotherapy and then years of opioid prescriptions for pain management I decided to try alternative medicine and treatment. Now off of opioids, and using CBD and THC to manage pain, I pursue my passions while working to promote a holistic approach to fitness and life.