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Shimmer Float

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you have to try making a Shimmer Float CBD mocktail. Our Shimmer Float is the perfect blend of tart and creamy to delight all of your flavor needs. Think cream soda float, but with a splash of cherry.



  1. Grab an old-fashioned ice cream parlor glass and add 1 generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, or 2 if you're feeling decadent!
  2. Fill the glass with Chai Cherry Shimmer Seltzer. Be careful that the glass doesn't fizz over. Add a compostable milkshake straw, and take a sip!
  3. For a fun twist on this cbd mocktail recipe, substitute vanilla ice cream with chocolate, coffee, or peanut butter swirl. Don't be afraid to experiment by mixing the ice creams together. Half a scoop of chocolate and half a scoop of vanilla pair perfectly with the cherry seltzer flavors.


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