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Shimmerwood Beverages on Current CBD Beverage Laws & Regulations

As the landscape of cannabis-related policy continues to evolve, states like Florida are grappling with their hemp laws due to Delta-8 products blurring the lines of marijuana regulations. Such news is also emerging from New York, adding complexity to the burgeoning CBD beverage market. As the framework for these laws is debated, it's important to bear in mind the three largest markets for CBD beverages - California, Florida, and New York. Current legislative trends in these states indicate a move toward restricting the sale of Delta-8 and Delta-9 products.

Understanding the differences between Hemp and Marijuana is crucial for those looking to explore the world of CBD infused drinks. Although similar in appearance, the key difference lies in the psychoactive component: tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The Federal Farm Bill of 2018 defines hemp as cannabis containing 0.3% or less THC by dry weight, which means hemp-infused beverages do not contain enough THC to create the traditional "high" associated with marijuana.

Despite individual states developing regulatory frameworks to ensure consumer safety of CBD drinks for sale, there's still a pressing need for uniform federal regulation. This is particularly vital in light of interstate commerce and online sales of CBD beverages.

The landscape becomes more complex as we consider that 23 states and the District of Washington have legalized marijuana. They've innovated strategies for selling THC products through the dispensary system, despite federal laws. However, the Delta-8 “loophole”, exploited by certain companies to sell hemp-derived THC products, could potentially undermine the legality of both THC and CBD beverages. It could also endanger consumers.

At Shimmerwood Beverages, we strongly believe that the dispensary model remains the best method for providing safe, regulated THC products. We advocate for reclassifying hemp products with high-THC levels as marijuana products. Further, we hold that the 2018 Farm Bill's 0.3% dry weight designation intended for hemp flower only has been grossly misinterpreted as a license to sell unregulated psychoactive products in otherwise illegal markets. We firmly believe that THC in hemp products should be limited to 0.3% of the total dosage of cannabinoids in the entire package.

We wholeheartedly support congressional efforts urging the FDA to regulate the CBD market to ensure customer safety and product consistency. We believe in regulations related to age limits, with a minimum requirement of 18 or 21 years old. Product dosing information should also be included.

Our commitment to transparency at Shimmerwood Beverages is evident in our product labeling. We display an FDA disclaimer, highlighting that our products are not regulated by FDA and are suitable for consumers aged 18 or higher on our website. Our labels also mention Rhode Island's 21+ requirement. Each batch of our CBD-infused beverages is tested and confirmed to contain less than 0.3% THC, which customers can verify by scanning the QR code on the can, leading them to the corresponding Certificate of Analysis.

It's crucial not to let a minority group of hemp-derived THC products destabilize the CBD beverage market, as this could negatively impact the entire cannabis industry, including the state-by-state legality of THC products. So whether it's a CBD seltzer or a hemp infused drink you're looking for, remember to shop wisely and enjoy responsibly.

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