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Celebrate 4/20 With Shimmer Seltzer | CBD Mocktails for 4/20

Celebrate 4/20 with CBD-Infused Mocktails Made with Shimmer Seltzer!

As 4/20 approaches, it's time to get creative with your celebrations! This year, why not try some delicious and refreshing CBD-infused mocktails made with our Shimmer Seltzer?

Our hemp-infused drinks provide a unique twist on classic mocktails, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC. In this special 4/20 blog post, we'll share some themed 4/20 mocktail recipes featuring our Shimmer Seltzer and also answer some common questions about the 4/20 history, tradition and holiday.

So, let's dive in and get the party started!

4/20 Themed CBD Mocktails

Razz Lime Shimmer Spritz



  • Fill a glass with ice and add a handful of fresh raspberries.
  • Pour in the lime juice and top it off with Razz Lime Shimmer Seltzer.
  • Gently stir the mixture and garnish with mint leaves.
  • Enjoy this fruity and refreshing CBD infused drink!

Ginger Orange Shimmer Sunrise



  • Fill a tall glass with ice and pour in the orange juice.
  • Slowly pour in the grenadine syrup, allowing it to settle at the bottom of the glass.
  • Top off with Ginger Orange Shimmer Seltzer and gently stir to combine the flavors.
  • Enjoy! This CBD infused mocktail has a beautiful sunrise effect, perfect for a 4/20 celebration.

Just Hemp Shimmer Cooler



  • In a glass, muddle a few cucumber slices with the honey syrup.
  • Add ice and lemon juice, then top off with Just Hemp Shimmer Seltzer.
  • Stir gently and garnish with additional cucumber slices.
  • Sip away and Feel the Shimmer! This refreshing CBD mocktail will keep you cool and relaxed during your 4/20 festivities.

Frequently Asked Questions about 4/20

Q: What is 420?

A: 420, or 4/20, is an annual celebration that takes place on April 20th. It is a day to appreciate and advocate for cannabis culture and the use of marijuana, both for recreational and medicinal purposes.


Q: What does 420 mean?

A: 420 is a code term that refers to the consumption of cannabis, particularly smoking it around the time of 4:20 pm. It has also become a symbol for the broader cannabis culture and is celebrated annually on April 20th.


Q: Where did 420 come from?

A: The origin of 420 can be traced back to a group of high school friends, known as the Waldos, in San Rafael, California, in 1971. They used the term "420" as a code to refer to their plan of meeting at 4:20 pm to search for an abandoned cannabis crop. The Waldos were Grateful Dead fans, and the term spread through the Grateful Dead community to eventually become a widely recognized symbol for cannabis culture.


Q: What does 420 stand for?

A: 420 doesn't have a specific meaning or stand for anything in particular. It's simply a code term that has become synonymous with cannabis culture and the act of consuming marijuana.


Q: When did 420 start?

A: The term 420 started to gain popularity in the early 1970s, thanks to the Waldos in San Rafael, California. However, it wasn't until the early 1990s that the term gained widespread recognition, and the annual celebration on April 20th began to take shape.

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Celebrate 4/20 in style with these delightful and refreshing CBD infused mocktails made with Shimmer Seltzer. These hemp-infused drinks are perfect for those looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Remember to always enjoy yourself responsibly and have a fantastic 4/20 celebration!

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