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Shimmerwood Beverages: Doubling Down on CBD & Making Waves in the Beverage Industry

We're thrilled to share some exciting updates about Shimmerwood Beverages from a recent feature on BevNET! Our journey has been one of determination, resilience, and unwavering commitment to creating top-quality CBD-infused beverages. Now, we're doubling down on CBD, expanding production, and preparing for entry into the vibrant New York market.

Since the launch of our CBD beverage company in 2019, we've been devoting our energy to producing a unique line of seltzers made with fruit shrub, bitters, and 5 mg of full-spectrum CBD per 12 oz. can. With flavors like Just Hemp, Ginger Orange, Razz Lime, and the special edition Chai Cherry (made with chai shrub and functional chaga mushrooms), we've been catching both attention and taste buds.

Our 8-packs are available for purchase online for $40, and we've expanded our retail presence to around 100 stores in the New England area where cans sell for $5 each. A tremendous number of our sales come from direct-to-consumer purchases, a trend that we're absolutely thrilled about.

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What sets Shimmerwood apart is our commitment to serving as a non-alcoholic alternative. Our beverages are presented as functional mocktails, appealing to younger shoppers who seek out these types of products. We had a successful campaign in December with our mixology holiday gift kit featuring our drinks, further cementing our position as a mixer of choice for festive occasions.

While consumer demand has been high, our production capabilities were initially limited. However, a recent move to a new co-packer in Portland, Maine has enabled us to increase production and prepare for an exciting launch in the New York market.

Our commitment to CBD amidst a lack of federal regulation hasn't gone unnoticed. In fact, our resilience resulted in Shimmerwood being named the best CBD drink of 2023 by Forbes. We've thrived in various retail settings despite these limitations, particularly in independent grocery stores, specialty locations, bars and restaurants, and cannabis dispensaries.

Shimmerwood is currently only available in Maine dispensaries due to state regulations, but we've found this opportunity rewarding. The high foot traffic has been beneficial for brand recognition, and we've invested significantly in education around the benefits of a non-THC, CBD-only hemp drink.

While discussions have been held about introducing non-CBD or THC lines to speed up scaling in the dispensary channel, we've decided against this. With many competitors moving away from CBD, we see this as an opportunity to truly own this unique market sector.

Despite our relatively small retail presence, we've seen rapid growth from just a dozen stores in 2021 to over 100 today. We look forward to this continuous upward trajectory and are excited about what the future holds for Shimmerwood Beverages.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to make strides in the CBD beverage industry!

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