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Shimmerwood Returns to Spartan Races at Fenway Park

Fueling Boston Spartans

Our goal at Shimmerwood is to bring you a refreshed and relaxed feeling with every sip of Shimmer Seltzer. When we were given the opportunity to bring that feeling to Fenway Park with Spartan, we were elated. Spartan Races embodies many of the attributes Shimmerwood does, a main one focused on community building. We're passionate about empowering individuals to embrace an active and adventurous lifestyle, whether they're going solo or running with a squad. With the success of our previous sponsorship with Spartan DEKA, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to go even bigger.

Unrivaled Energy, Unbeatable Taste

The weekend at Fenway had us meeting and pouring Shimmer Seltzer for over 15,000 racers and spectators coming from all across New England and beyond. As racers arrived on the chilly mornings, we assured everyone that we had the perfect beverage waiting for them at the finish line. Being one of Spartan's first CBD beverage sponsors allowed us to show folks a new, easier and social way to enjoy CBD and the crowd loved it! A main takeaway from racers was that Shimmer Seltzer gave them the opportunity to get hydrated as well as feel the benefits of our full-spectrum CBD. Instead of ingesting CBD through a tincture, or as a salve, Spartan racers could simply sip Shimmer Seltzer and not feel like it was a medical application.

Shimmer Team Runs The Race

It's one thing to serve up Shimmer and tell the racers all its benefits, it's another to show everyone the proof. Co-Founder, Josh Ahadian (the one writing this blog post), put all his anecdotal Shimmerwood claims to the test by running the Fenway Spartan race. Enlisting fellow Shimmer lover, Josh Salinas, to run the race together, they joined thousands of other Spartan racers to put their endurance to the test. It was truly inspiring to see people from all walks of life carry sandbags up and down the bleachers, crawl through the ramps with weighted vests, sprint through the Red Sox dugout and more. While the obstacles throughout the park were individual challenges, there was a constant sense of camaraderie both between racers running together and separate groups all cheering each other on. 

Become a Shimmering Spartan

These Spartan Races always invigorate the Shimmer Team, it's why we always take up the opportunity to be a part of them. From working with elite Spartan athletes, like Rylan Schadegg, to gaining the courage to run a race ourselves, Shimmerwood is proud to be a sponsor of Spartan. As we make our way into the new year, our team will be looking for more ways to get involved with Spartan and all its athletes. If you are an athlete looking for a way to refresh & relax, contact us! We would love the opportunity to cheer you on and keep you fueled with Shimmer Seltzer.

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